Joker: Free fall
Creation of Chaos
Terminator final scene-T800
God mode
Mind games, Joker vs the Bat
Batman The Animated series Opening seque
The Explorer - FT HAL 90000
Batcave 2041
The mad titan, Cyberpunk
Joker Inspired visual from Humble by Ken
Feeling of Defeat - Thanos
Ntorq Ft.Ironman-Thanos
The escape-Joker and killer croc
Cornered, Wolverine
Wolverine Adamantium rage
High ground - Darth Vader
Rare specimen, Terminator T800
Breaking the Bat, Bane
Urban Landscape
Arkham Batman Asylum
Doc-strange VS Thanos


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Joker: Free fall

Epic Action figure photography project that viral all over reddit and social media. Bored at home during quarantine I started photographing my old action figures with house hold objects to create cinematic scenes.

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