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'DARK HUMOUR':  Let me take you back to the final scene from the 'Predator'. As he prepares for his meal, Predator removes his mask, to reveal his menacing face. I so prominently remember how he then imitates a human laugh and basically taunts his prey. What a brilliant way to reveal a deep character in the simplest way.
I have always associated Predator with dark humor.
For this I also included the thermal view of the scene, if you know, you know!
How I shot this?
This image has 1:12 scale action figures, I wanted to show a stand off between two of my fav movie characters. Created a mini jungle setup at home. Twigs and moms micro greens came in very handy. A simpler setup than my usual because the perspective didn't allow too much-set building. Hand-painted florescent green blood on the figure. Check out the BTS video for more. Everything except the splinters is shot in-camera.

'Dark Humour'

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