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MR.J falling down a skyscraper and yet showing no signs of fear or remorse! Truly terrifying! Afterall being a sociopath come with their own ups and downs. 

BTS : For this image, I wanted to show a realistic cityscape, something that wouldn't be too distracting. Realistic sets make bigger problems I realized.
I began by choosing my skyscraper, needed a long grill that looked symmetrical, and could pass light. Tadaa, found my rooms AC cover as the perfect candidate. I used its filters and the other two surrounding buildings. Found a few more things like Keyboards, Bluetooth speakers, dumbbells as buildings. Then I made a road map with rice lights. Added candle LEDs as building lights.
I loved the way this shot came to life with practical effects!

'Free Fall'

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  • Format: Jpeg (4000x2667) AdobeRGB, Size: 7.5mb

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