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'MIND GAMES': I knew the Joker Vs the Batman had to eventually happen, arch-nemesis in one image. This one had to be special. The tale that has been told a million times, I was exploring what can I bring to the table (literally) that is a unique perspective.

This was not an easy task, to literally recreate a shattered cityscape on my dining table took a long time and conceptualization. I was assembling props and fine-tuning the concept to avoid errors.
I used my old PC CPU's graphics cards and a ton of other things as some of the details of buildings. I wanted to show Joker as a larger than life character so had to photograph him separately and combine multiple exposures for one image. This took a whole night to nail with the smoke (hair spray + Steam iron + some in the post).

'Mind Games'

  • Format: Jpeg (4000x2667)


    Size: 7.5mb

    License: Personal use only.

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