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'Self aware' - Imagine an alternate timeline for the Terminator films where the humans actually manage to defeat Skynet. This was just a moment when all their present t800 models were being terminated. But one of the Endoskeletons turns around and stares into the eyes of John Conor. As though it were self-aware.


T800 I had a Terminator Endoskeleton action figure with a broken leg. For this concept, I wanted to show a big pit of molten metal or lava but couldn't find the appropriate vessel, until I looked into the fridge. :D Made lava with Orange jelly and lit it from below with torches :)

Used some jewelry chains as props, my old PC cabinet again became a building in the backdrop. I had only one figure and wanted to show a bunch, so had to place them and shoot them separately. Used cooking masala as the melting metal on the liquid near the figure. 

'Self Aware - T800'

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