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Project "The Extraordinary" is a critically acclaimed contemporary documentation of the Indian Army. 


The inspiration behind this project was one person, my dad.
He was a Pilot for the Indian Army Aviation, like most kids that age I used to feel that dad was the coolest. I mean imagine flying a heavy metal machine, in some of the most harshest environments on earth (above the Himalayas to Rainforests and deserts), performing combat training and helping out paratroopers jump of his helicopter and calling it a days work. Growing up, "G.I Joe" used to be my favourite cartoon show (loosely based on U.S Army fighting crime and rescuing people) but I used to think my dad does all these things everyday without anyone even making it a big deal.
We lost him to a helicopter crash 16 years ago. Somewhere deep inside I wanted to highlight what the life in the army is for some of these men and women in a contemporary way. That was the inception of project: The Extraordinary. The Indian Army is known to be one of the most versatile armed forces across the globe. The project aims to explore and highlight these extraordinary men, women and machines that make this organisation so diverse, multicultural and a unique force. I was fortunate enough to be given an opportunity to photograph a few training, pseudo combat and practice sessions of the Indian Army for this project in remote bases across India.

But most of all, this is tribute to my dad. :) .

The Pilot | The Extraordinary: Indian Army

SKU: 1500
  • Size: 20x30 Inches Art canvas print

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